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Together Always

Tenth Doctor and Rose

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I've recently discovered the greatness that is CSI, my favorite being CSI:Miami. I'm a big Speed/Horatio fan and I especially like reading Lost Son fix-it's where Speed didn't die or if he did he comes back. I'm in denial over his death.
I'm also extremely obsessed with Stargate SG-1. Jack and Daniel all the way. I like to pretend that the sixth season didn't happen. My favorite author being Orrymain, because I love each and ever story. There's over 200.
Superman is yet another of my obsessions. Lois and Clark were made for each other and I'd love to slap the both of them, Lois for being so stupid not to realize what's right in front of her and Clark for thinking he can't be with Lois because he's Superman.
Oh, and completly new is DOCTOR WHO!!! Ten/Rose RULES! They are love and that is good. *squee*

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